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The benefits of digital engagement have never been more clear. With a strong cloud digital engagement platform, you can operate under nearly any circumstances. Your customers enjoy shorter wait times and better, more consistent experiences. And your agents are freed from many mundane tasks.

Cloud-powered services create benefits for all types of companies, yet most enterprises are merely scratching the surface of what’s possible in the cloud. According to a 2021 analysis by McKinsey, $1 trillion in run -rate EBITDA is up for grabs between now and 2030.

The adoption of digital transformation, cloud computing, and Infrastructure as a Service all have brought business new found success. However as an unintended consequence nearly all of an enterprise digital assets are accessible by third, fourth, and Nth parties — far outside the corporate security perimeter.

Organizations hold incredibly valuable information in cloud databases. Unfortunately, a large number of databases are left exposed with little to no authentication. These open databases result in organizations of all sizes, unknowingly, leaving back doors to their data open, which can be exploited to devastating effect by hackers.